What are RCV shafts?

What are RCV shafts?

What are RCV shafts?

RCV Performance Smooth-Drive CV Axles are designed to easily replace universal jointed front axle shafts, and have been tested to be twice as strong as original equipment axles. Ultimate CV Axles are simply unbreakable – even when running big tires and big power.

Are RCV axles any good?

We’ve failed nearly every other axle on the market except these. Look, they’re not bulletproof- nothing is when your racing- but the RCV axle for your UTV is as good as it gets when it comes to staying in the game and keeping your drivetrain alive.

Who owns RCV performance?

Aircraft Gear Corp.
RCV Performance Products is a division of Aircraft Gear Corp., a family-owned company with divisions that have been manufacturing aerospace and automotive drive train components in the U.S. for more than 70 years.

How do you grease RCV axles?

Q: How often should I grease the axles and how do I grease them? A: We recommend 8-10 pumps using a manual grease gun every 6 months or every other oil change. Our axles have an easy to use zerk fitting at the end of the outer stub shaft. You cannot overgrease RCV axles that utilize the orange spherical boot.

Are RCV axles lifetime warranty?

RCV Performance Ultimate CV Axles are low maintenance and operate with a smoothness you can feel – whether off-road or on the street. All backed with a Lifetime Warranty against breakage up to a 43″ tire.

Do RCV axles come pre greased?

RCV states that the axles come pre-greased and you need to add 3-5 pumps every 6 months or so.

What spline is a Dana 30?

all d30 are 27 spline.

How many spline is a Dana 44?

Starting in 1972, modern factory Dana 44s had 30-spine axleshafts with a thickness of 1.31 inches (earlier axles were 10- or 19-spline), although the rear next-generation Dana 44 found on the 2007-present Jeep Wrangler JK has 32-spline shafts.

Why do CV joints click?

When it is worn out, the ball bearings will move to a point, then give way. In this process it “pops” to the end of it’s travel, causing the popping noise you are talking about. A CV joint will last quite a long time.

Can a CV axle be rebuilt?

While one can repack, reboot and rebuild CV axles, it makes more sense for the average do-it-yourselfer to procure replacement units and swap out the old axles. If a boot is torn or missing, it is possible to save the joint if caught early enough, but usually the damage has already been done.