What do the angles in a 10 sided shape?

What do the angles in a 10 sided shape?

What do the angles in a 10 sided shape?

A decagon is a 10-sided polygon, with 10 interior angles, and 10 vertices which is where the sides meet. A regular decagon has 10 equal-length sides and equal-measure interior angles. Each angle measures 144° and they all add up to 1,440° .

How many angles a decagon have?

ten angles
So, the word decagon means ten angles.

What is the interior angle of 10 sides?

Sum of Interior Angles of a Polygon

Polygon Name Number of Interior Angles Sum of Interior Angles = (n-2) x 180°
Septagon 7 900°
Octagon 8 1080°
Nonagon 9 1260°
Decagon 10 1440°

What is the name of 10 sided shape?

A polygon having 10 sides is called: A. Octagon B. Decagon C. Dodecagon D. None of these

Shape Number of sides
Nonagon 9
Decagon 10
Undecagon 11
Dodecagon 12

What is the exterior angle of a decagon?

Since each exterior angle and interior angle form a linear pair, one exterior angle of a decagon = 180 – 144 = 36°.

What is the exterior angle of a 10 sided shape?

In the regular decagon, all angles are equal. The sum of all exterior angles of the regular decagon is 360°. As the number of sides is 10 in a decagon. Therefore each exterior angle is equal to 36°(360° ÷ 10 =36°).

What is the sum of the exterior angles of a 10 sided polygon?

We know that a decagon had 10 exterior angles, so, 10 × 36 = 360°. Hence, it is seen that the sum of the exterior angles of a decagon is 360°.

How many degrees are in a dodecagon?

1800°Dodecagon / Sum of interior angles

How do you draw a 10 sided shape?

Use the pentagon shape as an alternative method. Lightly draw and measure a regular pentagon. Lightly draw another identical pentagon directly over the original, rotated 180 degrees. Draw a line between each point of both pentagons to get a decagon shape.

How do you find the interior and exterior angles of a decagon?

Thus, sum of interior angles of decagon = (10-2) × 180° = 1440°. Also, the measure of each interior angle in a regular decagon can be found by dividing the sum and the number of the total sides in the decagon ⇒1,440/10 = 144°.

What are the properties of a decagon?

Convex polygon
Equilateral polygonIsogonal figureIsotoxal figureCyclic

How many interior angles does a 10 sided polygon have?

A 10 sided polygon will have 10 angles. If the polygon is regular, all ten angles will be congruent. If the angles are congruent, each exterior angle will be 1/10 of 360 degrees, or 36 degrees. Then each interior angle will be 180 – 36, or 144 degrees.

What is the angle between the sides of a triangle?

The interior angles of a triangle always add up to 180 degrees, and the other two angles are equal, so each of them is (180-36)/2 = 72 degrees. The angle between each pair of sides is two of those, or 144 degrees. 5.8k views · View 5 Upvoters.

What is the angle at each vertex of a polygon?

Since the sides are equal, the interior angle at each vertex is = 144010 = 144 degrees. For any polygon, the total exterior angle is 360 degrees.

What are the sides and angles of a regular decagon?

The sides and angles are congruent in a regular decagon. The characteristics of a regular decagon are: All sides are equal in length and all the angles are equal in the measure in a regular decagon. Each interior angle in regular decagon measures 144º, while each exterior angle measures 36º.