What is an example of reproducibility?

What is an example of reproducibility?

What is an example of reproducibility?

For example, a psychologist who found that aggression in children under the age of five increased if they watched violent TV, could generalize that all children under five would display the same condition.

What is reproducibility in an experiment?

Reproducibility: The ability of an experiment or calculation to be duplicated by other researchers working independently. Repeatability: The ability of an experiment or calculation to be duplicated by using the same method.

What does reproducibility mean in data science?

Although there is some debate on terminology and definitions, if something is reproducible, it means that the same result can be recreated by following a specific set of steps with a consistent dataset.

Why is reproducibility important in an experiment?

Why is data reproducibility important? The first reason data reproducibility is significant is that it creates more opportunity for new insights. This is because you need to make changes to the experiment to reproduce data, still with the aim of achieving the same results.

How do you show reproducibility?

How to Perform Reproducibility Testing

  1. Establish a Goal.
  2. Determine What You Will Test or Measure.
  3. Select a Variable or Condition to Change.
  4. Perform a Test With Variable A.
  5. Perform a Test With Variable B.
  6. Analyze the Results.

What is reproducibility in measurement?

Reproducibility is the consistency of measurements by different appraisers using the same measuring equipment. Reproducibility to be tested may include imager reproducibility (multiple imagers using the same instrument) and intragrader reproducibility of interpretation (multiple graders grading the same scan).

How do you measure reproducibility?

What is reproducibility and repeatability?

repeatability measures the variation in measurements taken by a single instrument or person under the same conditions, while reproducibility measures whether an entire study or experiment can be reproduced in its entirety.

How do you evaluate the reproducibility of an experiment?

What makes a study reproducible?

Reproducible research is a by-product of careful attention to detail throughout the research process and allows researchers to ensure that they can repeat the same analysis multiple times with the same results, at any point in that process.

Is reproducibility accuracy or precision?

Precision is the degree to which an instrument or process will repeat the same value. In other words, accuracy is the degree of veracity while precision is the degree of reproducibility.

What is reproducibility in research?

For example, some studies define reproducibility as the ability to replicate the same results demonstrated in a particular study using precisely the same methods and materials [ 11 ]; others evaluate whether the study’s methodology and results were presented in sufficient detail to allow replication or reanalysis [ 8 ].

What is the reproducibility crisis in science all about?

A number of recent high-profile cases of scientific fraud have contributed considerably to the amount of press around the reproducibility crisis in science. Often these cases (e.g., Diederik Stapel in psychology) are used as a hook for media coverage, even though the crisis itself has very little to do with scientific fraud.

How do replication studies measure reproducibility?

In almost all cases, replication studies used larger sample sizes that the original studies and therefore had greater statistical power—that is, a greater probability of correctly rejecting the null hypothesis (i.e., that no relationship exists) when the hypothesis is false. A number of measures of reproducibility were reported:

Can the Open Science movement solve the reproducibility crisis?

The aforementioned meta-science has unearthed a range of problems which give rise to the reproducibility crisis, and the open science movement has proposed or promoted various solutions—or reforms—for these problems.