What is Eisenach famous for?

What is Eisenach famous for?

What is Eisenach famous for?

Eisenach is a pleasant small town in Thuringia with connections to some very famous people. It is one of the locations where Martin Luther spent his formative years and can also boast of being the birthplace of composer Johann Sebastian Bach.

Who was born in Eisenach Germany?

Elizabeth lived at the court of the Ludowingians here between 1211 and 1228. Later, Martin Luther came to Eisenach and translated the Bible into German. In 1685, Johann Sebastian Bach was born here.

Is Eisenach in former East Germany?

EISENACH, Germany — Thirty years after Germany was reunited, many once-decrepit city centers in the formerly communist east have been painstakingly restored and new factories have sprung up.

What is Wartburg castle used for today?

Tourist attraction
Wartburg Castle/Function

Today. Wartburg is a popular tourist destination, the most-visited site in Thuringia after Weimar. It is accessible to visitors and guided tours offer access to the interior of the buildings. In addition, there is a museum in the castle.

How do you pronounce Eisenach?

  1. Phonetic spelling of Eisenach. I-zen-nak.
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When was Eisenach founded?

Founded by the landgraves of Thuringia about 1150, Eisenach fell to the Saxon house of Wettin in 1264 and was chartered in 1283. It was intermittently the seat of a separate Saxon duchy between 1596 and 1741, when it fell to Saxe-Weimar.

Who owns Wartburg Castle?

Wartburg Castle was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999, and is owned by the Wartburg Foundation of Eisenach. Wartburg Castle became majorly abandoned and unused from the 1500s, until the Grand Duke of Saxony in the 1800s decided to re-establish and repair the castle early in that century.

Can you stay in the Wartburg Castle?

Staying at Wartburg Castle It has 37 rooms and suites, indoor and outdoor restaurants, and free Wi-Fi.