Is there anything better than Lucidchart?

Is there anything better than Lucidchart?

Is there anything better than Lucidchart?

Microsoft Visio Microsoft Visio is often compared in its functionality to that of Lucidchart. The application is a powerful diagramming tool that provides a great deal of flexibility to its users so that you can have the liberty to create diagrams you want and represent data in a vivid, visual format.

What is equivalent to Lucidchart?

Here’s a list of 8 Lucidchart alternatives (both paid and free) to help you create beautiful diagrams, graphs and charts.

  • Visme.
  • Creately.
  • Visio.
  • Gliffy.
  • Omnigraffle.
  • Smartdraw.
  • Xmind.

Is Lucidchart completely free?

Lucidchart has four tiers of service: Free, Individual (starting at $95.40 per year), Team (from $108 per person per year), and Enterprise (custom pricing). You can use the Free account forever, though are some limits and features restrictions.

How do you use mindmeister?


  1. Click on the + button or press INS or TAB to add an idea.
  2. Click on the delete icon or press DEL to delete an idea.
  3. Double-click anywhere on the map to add a new first level idea.
  4. Drag and drop ideas to rearrange them on your map.
  5. Use cursor keys to navigate through your map.
  6. Be more productive with keyboard shortcuts.

Does Google have anything like Lucidchart?

Lucidchart is the best and simplest drawing program on the market. Plus, it’s completely integrated with Google Apps.

Is Lucidchart owned by Google?

Lucidchart is used by companies such as Google, GE, NBC Universal, and Amazon….Lucidchart.

Developer(s) Lucid Software Inc.

What are the limitations of free Lucidchart?

Free accounts allow users to create an unlimited number of diagrams with a limit of 60 objects per diagram.

How do you collaborate on MindMeister?

Collaborative Mind Mapping Software Bring everyone in your dispersed team onto the same page. Share maps with externals, freelancers or clients. Invite colleagues to give feedback and contribute to your planning process. Use MindMeister’s integrated chat to discuss ideas right inside the mind map editor.

Is Lucidchart included in Office 365?

Yes! The Lucidchart Microsoft add-ins are available for users on all Lucidchart account levels. To learn how to install the add-in for individual accounts and use the integration, please see the Microsoft Integrations Help Center article.

What is the best software for flowcharts?

The 7 Best Flowchart Software of 2022

  • Best Overall: Lucidchart.
  • Runner-Up, Best Overall: SmartDraw.
  • Best for Beginners: Gliffy.
  • Best for Intuitive Use: Cacoo.
  • Best Features: EdrawMax.
  • Best Price:
  • Best for Power Windows Users: Visio.