What is elevator overspeed governor?

What is elevator overspeed governor?

What is elevator overspeed governor?

Over Speed Governor Detail: The Elevator Speed Governor is a device specifically designed to stop the lift if it runs beyond the prescribed speed. The speed of a moving elevator is constantly monitored by a the governor through the rope attached to it.

What is governor in elevator?

These are the safety devices to prevent the car from falling should the elevator exceed its rated speed or should the rope break for some reason. Even should the rope break and the car falls at a certain speed, the governor begins operating and a connected rope is tensioned.

Where is the speed governor located in elevator?

The speed governor is essentially a spring cylinder pivotally supported at one end on the elevator car and attached at the other end to a fork shaped frame, which frame carries external rotatable and internal fixed concentric cylinders. The frame is also connected with the safety device by an actuating rod.

What is the function of overspeed governor?

What is the overspeed governor? The overspeed governor is the heart of any lift system. It is the safety device that is activated if the speed of the lift is exceeded, ensuring the safety of people inside.

How do you reset an elevator governor?

The governors are designed to work in either an over head mounted position or in the pit. These governors come standard with a 120-volt manual reset switch. Once the governor is activated and the safety gears are set, the governor and safeties are re-set manually simply by raising the elevator in the up direction.

What is elevator hoistway?

A hoistway or shaftway is an enclosed area that is used to house the elevator as it travels between levels in your home. This area will run vertically from the lowest floor to the top floor. The hoistway should always be built to meet local codes and to the elevator manufactures specifications.

What is the use of governors?

governor, in technology, device that automatically maintains the rotary speed of an engine or other prime mover within reasonably close limits regardless of the load. A typical governor regulates an engine’s speed by varying the rate at which fuel is furnished to it.

How is the governor location determined?

The governor shall be located where it cannot be struck by the car or the counterweight in case of overtravel, and where there is adequate space for full movement of governor parts.

What is an elevator buffer?

Elevator buffers are safety devices which are required to be mounted at the base of an elevator shaft. As with any safety device elevator buffers have to meet with a variety of specifications but probably the most important of these is the manner in which the buffers must bring an impacting elevator car to rest.

What is pit in elevator?

By definition an elevator pit is that part of an elevator shaft that extends from the threshold level of the lowest landing door to the floor at the bottom of the shaft. The pit itself normally consists of a cast-in-place base slab and four walls which will either be constructed of concrete or concrete block.