What is the song that they Sing at the wedding in the godfather?

What is the song that they Sing at the wedding in the godfather?

What is the song that they Sing at the wedding in the godfather?

Luna mezz’o mare
C’è la luna mezzo mare

“Luna mezz’o mare”
Wedding scene from The Godfather (1972)
Song by Paolo Citorello
Language Sicilian
English title Moon amid the sea

Who sang Che La Luna?

Louis PrimaChe La Luna / ArtistLouis Leo Prima was an American singer, songwriter, bandleader, and trumpeter. While rooted in New Orleans jazz, swing music, and jump blues, Prima touched on various genres throughout his career: he Wikipedia

Did Louis Prima write any songs?

Bandleader, singer, trumpeter, composer and actor, who was dubbed the “King of Swing”….Original songs.

Title A Banana Split for My Baby
Written by Louis Prima, Stan Irwin
Originally by Louis Prima with Sam Butera and The Witnesses
Original date September 13, 1956
Covered by Covered by (4 artists)

What is the old Italian guy singing in The Godfather?

Mamma Corleone & and old Italian Man singing Luna Mezz O’ Mare at the wedding in the Godfather.

What is the song at the beginning of the Godfather?

This version of the popular Sicilian song appears in the “Godfather” (the celebrated classic directed by Francis Ford Coppola, starring Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, James Caan).

Did Louis Prima know Louis Armstrong?

Louis Armstrong and Louis Prima are closely connected. Both were gravelly-voiced trumpet players, both were bandleaders, and both left New Orleans for Chicago to pursue their careers.

What is Louis Prima’s most famous song?

Top Louis Prima Songs

  • I’ll Walk Alone. 35 1944 R&B.
  • Angelina. 32 1945 Pop.
  • The White Cliffs of Dover. 47 1944 R&B. 46 1945 R&B.
  • Robin Hood. 49 1945 R&B. 1945.
  • The Lady in Red. 58 1935 Pop. 1935.
  • Civilization (Bongo, Bongo, Bongo) 78 1948 Brazil. 39 1947 Pop.
  • Bell Bottom Trousers. 80 1946 Brazil. 38 1945 Pop.
  • Oh Babe. 90 1950 Pop. 1950.

What is the tune of the Butcher Boy?

The tune of The Butcher Boy is used for the American song Ballad of the Green Berets by Barry Sadler . Kelly Harrell “Butcher’s Boy” 1925. Henry Whitter “Butcher Boy” 1925.

Did Tommy Makem sing in the movie Butcher Boy?

Tommy Makem learned the version sung by his mother Sarah Makem and recorded it both on a solo album and with The Clancy Brothers. Kirsty Maccoll also recorded the song, and Sinéad O’Connor recorded it for the soundtrack of the film also called The Butcher Boy. .

Who wrote Oh ma ma (the Butcher Boy)?

This Song Was Written By Rudy Vallee As Well. Rudy Vallée (July 28, 1901 — July 3, 1986) was an American singer, actor, bandleader, and entertainer. Rudy Vallee – Oh, Ma, Ma (the Butcher Boy) 1938 Lyrics: chorus)