How do I connect my ECOXGEAR Bluetooth?

How do I connect my ECOXGEAR Bluetooth?

How do I connect my ECOXGEAR Bluetooth?

  1. Find & enable. Bluetooth on your. Smartphone/ Smartdevice.
  2. PRESS button. once on ECOROX to. initiate Bluetooth. BLUE LED will blink. rapidly indicating ready. to pair.
  3. Find. “ECOXGEAR” on your. Smartphone as a pairing. selection & select. “ECOXGEAR” to pair. with ECOROX.
  4. Select & play. your music! PRESS button to.

How long does ECOXGEAR last?

The internal 1800mAh rechargeable battery has a claimed life of up to 10 hours. I actually got more out of it, though play time will depend on how loud you play your music. The battery charges from dead-empty to completely full in about 2 hours using an AC adapter that attaches via USB.

Who makes ECOXGEAR?

New & Used (4) from $199.99 & FREE Shipping….Product information.

Product Dimensions 12 x 15 x 20 inches
Manufacturer Grace Digital
Date First Available October 17, 2017

How many ECOXGEAR speakers can you pair?

Functionality is only available between two units. Refer to EcoConnect – Wireless Stereo Connection of Two Speakers for details. Press to decrease or to increase Speaker Volume. NOTE: Some Bluetooth devices may require to be manually set for maximum audio level.

Why is my ECOXGEAR not connecting?

The biggest reason for a problem pairing your Ecoxgear speaker to a tablet or smartphone is that your device, or the Ecoxgear speaker think they are already paired to something. The simplest solution for this is to: Place your speaker and your audio device near one another while you troubleshoot.

Why is my ECOXGEAR not working?

If the the speaker is not functioning, there may be loose wiring within the housing. If so, the wire connections may need to be repaired or the wires themselves may need to be replaced.

How good is ECOXGEAR?

5.0 out of 5 starsHighly Recommend! Premium Product! This is an excellent quality Bluetooth speaker. The audio quality/volume levels are excellent and leave nothing to be desired, which I have found to be my primary problems with a number of other Bluetooth speakers I had purchased in the past.

Where is ECOXGEAR manufactured?

The team originally came together in San Diego, CA and all of our products are still designed and engineered in America.

Where is ECOXGEAR located?

San Diego, California
About ECOXGEAR: Based in San Diego, California, ECOXGEAR is the leader in rugged, portable and waterproof consumer electronics catering to the outdoor world. ECOXGEAR’s mission is to offer a variety of audio solutions for surfers, kayakers, campers, and overall outdoor enthusiasts.

How do I pair multiple ECOXGEAR speakers?

Turn the 2nd speaker on (whether Ecoboulder or EcoSlate) and press the ECOCONNECT (double diamond) button until you hear the beep, you will hear “connection successful”. Turn one speaker on-before connecting to bluetooth, press the ECOCONNECT button -press and release… DON’T press and hold…you will hear a beep.

What kind of Bluetooth does the ecoxbt have?

The ECOXBT features Bluetooth EDR 2.1 that delivers audio wirelessly to the two built-in full-range stereo speakers and microphone, allowing you to listen to your favorite tunes or take a phone call, wherever you are. Take the ECOXBT anywhere: the beach, hiking, backpacking, camping or boating.

Is the ecotrek Bluetooth AM/FM waterproof?

. . . . Go ahead! The ecotrek Bluetooth AM/FM speaker meets IP67 International waterproof and dustproof standards so it is 100% waterproof, submersible, and even floats. It has a bright and large LED display with back-lit buttons that make it easy to operate for night viewing.

Can I Pair my ecoboulder plus to another Ecoxgear speaker?

You can pair 1 EcoBoulder Plus to any other ECOXGEAR speaker that supports the ECOCONNECT feature, including the original EcoBoulder.. (Note: ECOCONNECT only supports Bluetooth Audio.

Do the eco Terra earphones have audio power?

“NOTE: Audio to the earphones is not driven by the audio power amplifier of the ECO TERRA.