What are the functions of mid rib and side veins in the leaf?

What are the functions of mid rib and side veins in the leaf?

What are the functions of mid rib and side veins in the leaf?

Midrib along with lateral veins forms leaf’s skeleton and provides mechanical support to leaf. It also helps to transport water, minerals to different cells of leaf. It transports synthesised food from leaf to stem where from it is carried to different parts of plant.

What is known as the midrib in the leaf of a plant?

The central, thick, linear vein that runs along the length of a leaf is called midrib.

Do all leaves have a midrib?

The edge of the leaf is called the margin. Parts of a leaf: A leaf may seem simple in appearance, but it is a highly-efficient structure. Petioles, stipules, veins, and a midrib are all essential structures of a leaf. Within each leaf, the vascular tissue forms veins.

What is the function of the lamina?

The leaf lamina is the blade-like structure of a leaf. It is typically green and is responsible for photosynthesis in the plant. The lamina is also responsible for the movement of water and nutrients between the plant and the environment.

What is the Centre of a leaf called?

Most of the interior of the leaf between the upper and lower layers of epidermis is a parenchyma (ground tissue) or chlorenchyma tissue called the mesophyll (Greek for “middle leaf”).

What is the mid rib of a leaf?

Midrib definition The central or main vein of a leaf, as in eudicots, magnoliids, and ferns. Midribs generally protrude from the underside of leaves with pinnate venation. The central vein, or rib, of a leaf, usually running from the stem to the apex.

Where does the midrib occur in a leaf?

It occurs in true leaves as a vein running from the leaf base to the apex and in the leaf-like structures of mosses and seaweeds. It provides support and is a translocative vessel. Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography. ” midrib .

What is the function of leaf?

Ans: Leaf can be defined as a flattened, green structure growing from the nodal region of the stem responsible for performing photosynthesis in most of the higher plants. Photosynthesis, gaseous exchange and transpiration are three important functions of the leaf.

Where is the midvein of a leaf initiated?

…to form the midvein, or midrib. The smaller lateral veins of the leaf are initiated near the leaf tip; subsequent major lateral veins are initiated sequentially toward the base, following the overall pattern of leaf development. A major lateral vein may have one or more orders of smaller veins, which…

What is leaf base?

Leaf Base is the part of the leaf by which it is attached to the stem. In monocot, the leaf base expands into a sheath that completely or incompletely encircles the stem. In several dicots, the leaf base bears two lateral appendages called stipules. The leaves having stipules are known as stipulate leaves and without them, these are exstipulate.