What is the highest package of NICMAR?

What is the highest package of NICMAR?

What is the highest package of NICMAR?

The highest salary package offered for the ACM course was 12 LPA, and the lowest salary package offered was somewhere of nearly 3.5 LPA. The average salary package offered was approximately 5.5 LPA. Big 5 companies hire students from NICMAR. Tata, Reliance, Savills, etc., also visit here for campus recruitment.

Is NICMAR worth joining?

Hello, Yes, you can totally go for it. NICMAR is a really nice college for all kind of management courses. College atmosphere is quite good as well as the staff members.

What is salary of NICMAR?

Average annual salary in NICMAR is INR 27.9 lakhs.

Is NICMAR a good college?

In a nutshell, NICMAR gives a very good opportunity to enhance your career. Placements: As I am doing my post graduation here, This college has a very good set of placements with the top reputed companies in India as well as multinational companies. Every year we have a placement record of 100% all the time.

Is NICMAR certificate useful?

Yes, doing a Techno Management course at NICMAR, after a Civil Engineering degree can help you get better placement offers. The course provides advanced knowledge about construction, design engin…

Which is best RICS or NICMAR?

NICMAR is undoubtedly one of the best renowned Institutes in the country, especially for aspiring civil engineering professionals. One of my friends had chosen the RICS School of Built Environment over NICMAR and here are the reasons….Which is better: RICS or NICMAR?

Percentage of student placed 87%
Average CTC offered INR 6.5 LPA

How is NICMAR placement?

NICMAR is proud of its excellent placement record including the overseas placements. On an average, around 10-15% of the students secure overseas placements. The average and maximum compensation offered to the students during campus placement have been steadily rising.

How many NICMAR are there in India?

NICMAR has a total of 5 campuses at Pune, Hyderabad, Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Goa.

Is NICMAR a government college?

Established in 1984, NICMAR is a Private college. The college is accredited by SIRO. National Institute of Construction Management and Research offers 18 courses across 3 streams namely Engineering, Management, Law.

Is Nicmar private?

Is Nicmar UGC approved?

Like NICMAR is not recognised by AICTE/UGC but have recognition from Govt. of India as Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (SIRO).

Is NICMAR UGC approved?